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Listen to the newest (actually the first) episode of my podcast, Tales By Moonlight. My podcast where I'd be reading out stories and everything literature: Welcome and Introduction
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TRESPASS (Part Three)

"How could everything be against me at the same time?" "Did time and weather really collaborate to do this?" A bus going to Onitsha had just come by and by the time I could jump in, these two other bigger guys had shoved me aside and gotten in. That was how I missed that bus, the first bus after about fifteen minutes I had stood there. I was now restless, I kept stamping my right foot fast on  the ground as if the faster I stamped the faster a bus would come by. The atmosphere got darker which showed the drain was drawing close. "How am I still here God?" I asked in my mind. My heart grew sore.. I could taste it down behind my tongue and water filled my eyes. I felt my own rain coming before God sent his own. I blinked my eyes to push back the tears. My hand bag vibrated, it was my phone. I knew my Dad was calling again. I opened the bag and reached for the phone. It was Dona. “What is this guy calling me for?” “I'm still here by this time all thanks …


Just like in the other hangouts Dona began this one with his rehearsed lines asking me to give him a chance and like the other times too I said he should still give me some time. Dona was a big talker. He talked to me virtually about every aspect of his life from his family to work to his days in school.After what seemed like a short time, I checked my phone and it was 2:30pm. "What?" I screamed as I sprung up to my feet "I have to leave now". Dona also glanced at his wrist watch and was surprised at how fast the time had sped. We hurriedly got out of the hotel to the road side where I got a keke (tricycle) to take me to the place where I'd board a  bus going to Onitsha. My heart was beating fast now in the keke. My mind was everywhere at the same time. It was almost 3pm and I was still in Awka. How did it happen? I began to feel hot. I didn't know where the heat was coming from. How did time fly so fast?Going back home now was definetly not an option. What…


The rain poured down with a heavy rush against the roof of the bus and the sound deafened.I took a quick glance at my time piece again making it the tenth time I had done that in the past 5 minutes. The conductor in the bus kept staring at me with what looked like a smile. Did he think I was in the mood for small talks? If he had known how much I was looking for someone to slap on the face that very minute. I'm in the middle of nowhere  stuck in a bus that wouldn't move because of the rain and in a state I had never been to before. Who smiles in such a situation?
I was supposed to be in Enugu, in my Aunt's house by that time but some how I still found myself in that bus. I had not even started the journey to Enugu. It was all because of this ajayi hang out that I did. And now calls wouldn't leave my phone.. calls I would not pick.I live in Awka with my parents and siblings. My Dad had just gotten a new job and so we had to relocate to Awka. I had just come back home fr…

Teaching; More than just a profession

Today, teachers all around the world are celebrated. Of all professions, teaching is one that hits at the core of existence because it's just like the light which illuminates the path. To be a nurse, writer, economist, engineer, architect, you need a teacher to show you how to chart your course. This is for me why teachers are more endeared in the hearts of everyone.
A teacher will touch your heart but a good teacher will be in your heart forever.
You will never forget that teacher who scolds you for not getting it right at your home works or for coming late. You won't forget that that teacher who would always be at you to cut down  your nails.
Teachers, from early on begin to drop positive instincts in us that with time we look back and feel they deserve a hug.
Thus, comes about this annual global celebration.
It's not just about teaching out the subjects as they are on the scheme of work, it's about increasing and improving standard and quality.
It's a great tas…

How To Keep Your Child Away From Abusers

As the count of child molestation and abuse takes it's toll on the daily basis, saving your child from this menace becomes more urgent. A child's retention is very amazing and a reason why it should be seized to tell him/her signs to run away from and also a wake up call for parents and guardians. This post is going to be on sharing with us how to keep your child away from this evil. There are duties on your part and also duties on the part of the child because you might not be everywhere with them. Briefly, i will talk about these Find out whether sex offenders live in your neighborhood: There are streets that are known to be dominated by notorious people and this is because these offenders work in a network. Before moving into that new place, one of the things you should find out is if that area is known for any notoriety or has any trend of sexual abuse. Get involved in your child's life: It is true that we are in a busy world and the world will only get busier but your…

"He Was The Nicest Man Ever....After He Raped me I Didn't Know Where To Begin" : A True Story Anonymously shared.

Hello did the weekend go?Mine was fine. Had not a single place to go to. Maybe somewhat boring.Sorry I had nothing up here through out. It was due to one thing or the other.So thanks to God it's a new week and a new slate to begin on.One of the things I'll be bringing before us today is the issue of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcomed sexual advances, request for favour and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when submission is a condition affecting academic or employment decisions. We can then say that sexual harrasment can come from a superior to the subordinate like in teacher to student, master to slave.Subordinates are often times being thrown into this dilemma by their superiors and its even more so because they are going to be at the lossing side.Owing to this, superiors hold these subordinates to victimize them or keep them at ransom because they really have no much choice.Before us today is the story of a lady t…